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Toothaches keep children in pain and prevent them from learning and attending school.  These kinds of problems are preventable and we can help!  School based sealant programs, like Toothsavers,  are proven to be very effective in reducing dental emergencies in children and increasing their oral health.

What We Do


Toothsavers provides preventative oral health care services to children including: oral health screenings, sealants, fluoride application, and oral health education, all within WA state schools, during school hours.   We provide services to Title I schools & schools with a free and reduced lunch rate of 50% or greater.  All services are provided by a gentle and experienced Registered Dental Hygienist.  

We Bill State Insurance/Medicaid


We are a school based program that focuses on creating affordable access to oral health care for children, at parents convenience. We bill to Apple Health for Kids/ Medicaid and we offer very reduced, affordable cash fees so that every child can receive the care they need.  We do bill private insurance as well.

How It Works


  1. If your child's qualifying school has scheduled Toothsavers to provide services, parent consents and information will be sent home or posted online prior to that date.
  2. Parents will sign up online or return signed consent back to school.

Treatment Day

The day of, each child enrolled will be called from class to the health room for approximately 5 to 20 minutes to receive treatment. 

  1. An oral assessment will  be performed to check for possible cavities, general oral health condition, and teeth that need sealants placed.
  2. Sealants are placed in teeth, as needed.
  3. Fluoride is applied to all teeth. 
  4. Oral health education including, brushing, flossing, and nutritional counseling is reviewed with child.

*We try very hard to only perform NON OVERLAP services meaning; we try to only perform services that will not overlap with your insurance coverage at your dental office.  Our services do not take the place of dental office visits.  Your child should be visiting a dentist office for 6 month cleanings and treatment as necessary on a regular basis. 

What Comes Home?

Each child will come home with: 

  1. A full report on assessment findings and treatment completed.
  2. A toothbrush, flosser, and prize
  3. Referrals to local dentists for further treatment and cleanings, as needed.

Our Services



Sealants are a safe, thin, clear, plastic type material  that is placed into the deep grooves of the back teeth.  Sealants create a shield over the tooth, which prevents bacteria from causing cavities.  Each sealant takes approximately 1-3 minutes to place and is completely painless.


Oral Health Education


Efficient preventative and home care is key to having a healthy smile.  Our experienced hygienist will review proper brushing and flossing techniques with each child, as well as nutritional advice.


Fluoride Varnish


Fluoride varnish is a mineral coating brushed onto the teeth to protect against cavities and make teeth stronger.  Fluoride application only takes about 1-2 minutes and has been proven safe and effective. Children do not have to wait to eat or drink after varnish is applied.

Benefits of School Based Sealant/Fluoride Programs

  • Decreased missed class time. Depending on a child’s’ needs, it may take 10-30 minutes for the first visit. 
  • Studies prove that a child who is at high risk for cavities will decrease their risk when fluoride is applied often.
  • Studies prove sealant and fluoride school based programs to be effective in increasing good oral health among children. 
  • We bill state insurance/Medicaid
  • We encourage a healthy environment. Talking about oral health is important for children to understand. 
  • Parents take less time off of work.  We make preventative oral health accessible, caring for your child in the comfort of their school.
  • We make it easy for families to have a positive dental experience. 
  • We increase access to healthy mouths and decrease cavities!
  • Each child receives a toothbrush, instructions to maintain a healthy mouth, floss, and treatment referral form.
  • We see every child, regardless of their ability to pay.  All we need is a consent form, filled out, signed and returned.
  • We work closely with local dentists to provide referrals if families do not have one already. 

FAQ for Parents


What if my family cannot afford Toothsavers' services?

Your child may qualify for free or reduced cost health/dental insurance through Apple Health of Washington (1-855- 923-4633) You may pay only what you can afford, even a minimum payment helps keep our programs going. We will not turn away a child if unable to pay. 

My child already receives fluoride at the dentist office, should they have it done with you also?

Yes! In Spokane County, we are considered at higher risk for dental cavities because we do not have adequate amounts of fluoride in the water systems. Children are also considered at higher risk for cavities if they have a history of them. High cavity risk children should have  2-4 fluoride varnish applications in a year. Depending on the age, Medicaid pays for 2-3 fluoride varnish applications for each provider with a maximum of 9 fluorides a year so, they can be done  both at your dental office and with Toothsavers.

What if my child has special needs or is fearful?

Our staff has training with working with special needs patients and fearful patients. We will not force the children to do anything they are not comfortable with. We will stop at any time during a procedure if the child wants to stop.

What are your reduced cost fees if I do not have insurance?

Our low cost uninsured fees are as follows:

Visual Oral Assessment=$10

Fluoride Varnish Application=$12

Sealants (per tooth)= $20

 Our mission is to be able to keep these programs going in order to provide care to all students in need.  We are happy to help set up payment plans if needed. We will not turn your child away if unable to pay. 

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride? (SDF)

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is effective for treatment of hypersensitivity, tooth decay and cavities. The California Dental Association reports that various “clinical studies unanimously confirm better caries arrest and/or prevention by silver diamine fluoride over control or other materials”. What is Silver Diamine Fluoride? Silver Diamine Fluoride is an FDA-approved antibiotic liquid clinically applied to control active dental caries and prevent further progression of disease. While the ideal way to treat teeth with decay is by removing the decay and placing a restoration, this alternative treatment allows us to stop decay with noninvasive methods, particularly with young children that have baby teeth. Treatment with Silver Diamine Flouride will not eliminate the need for restorative dentistry to repair function or aesthetics, but has been effective at prevention of further decay. Dental restorations may include but are not limited to dental fillings, root canal therapy and or crowns.  How does Silver Diamine Fluoride work? Silver Diamine Fluoride is composed of two primary components: silver and fluoride. Silver acts as an anti-microbial agent that simultaneously strengthens the underlying protective layer of your teeth called dentin. Fluoride is the active ingredient that puts a stop to tooth decay and helps prevent additional decay from appearing. During your child’s visit, your dentist will brush and rinse their teeth without paste to prepare for the treatment. Your child’s teeth will then be dried and any debris, such as plaque, will be removed. SDF is applied to the affected teeth with a microbrush and the solution is allowed to cure on the tooth for two minutes. Once the tooth has been treated, we advise patients not to eat or drink or at least an hour to allow it to cure.  When is Silver Diamine Fluoride recommended? There are several situations in which it may be recommend. Those include, but are not limited to the following: Children who may have excessive decay (severe early childhood caries) Young children who have difficulty cooperating for treatment Special needs patients Children with carious lesions that may not all be treated in one visit  What are the benefits? Silver Diamine Fluoride is a particularly effective fluoride treatment for kids whose cavities cannot otherwise be treated at one time. We may also recommend Silver Diamine Fluoride for children with disabilities or those who are unable to sit for longer cavity treatments. Benefits to this technique: Non-invasive Painless Quick treatment time Effective cavity prevention May stop tooth decay Relieves tooth sensitivity  Are there risks associated with Silver Diamine Fluoride? There are some risks associated with it, which include, but are not limited to the following: Any decayed areas will stain black. Healthy tooth structure will not stain. Stained tooth structures can be replaced with a filling or crown. SDF may discolor dental fillings and crowns. If Silver Diamine Flouride is applied to skin or gums, a harmless temporary brown or white stain may appear on the area. The stain will disappear in one to three weeks. It cannot be washed off. The patient may notice a metallic taste after an application. This will go away rapidly. Every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the success of the treatment. There is a risk that the procedure will not stop the decay, and no guarantee of success is granted or implied. If the tooth decay is not arrested, the decay will progress. In that case the tooth will require further dental treatment such as further Silver Diamine Fluoride application, dental fillings, root canal therapy, or extraction. These side effects may not include all of the possible situations reported by the manufacturer. If you notice other effects, please contact your Kids Care Dental and Orthodontics office.  You should not be treated with Silver Diamine Fluoride if: You are allergic to silver There are painful sores or raw areas on your gums (i.e. ulcerative gingivitis) or anywhere in your mouth (i.e. stomatitis)  What are the alternatives? Some alternatives include, but are not limited to: No treatment, which may lead to an increase in symptom severity as well as a worsening of the tooth structures and cosmetic appearance. Depending on the extent and location of the tooth decay, other options may include placement of fluoride varnish, a filling, crown, extraction or referral for advanced treatment modalities such as a surgery center. Silver Diamine Fluoride is a safe, effective children’s fluoride treatment that can help your child maintain a healthy smile for life.

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FAQ for Schools or Facilities


How can we schedule you to come to our school or facility?

Please contact the website email at info@toothsaversofwashington.com or call Amber Juliano RDH, BS at (509) 676-6060

How often will you come?

Most schools are scheduled twice a year  (6months apart) . A  few outer area schools are scheduled only one time in the Winter quarter.

What is the cost for us?

There is no cost for the school

How much space do you need?

We need about 12 by 12 room with electrical outlets.

What will you need from us?

We need a contact person for us at the school who can help set up the scheduled visit and reserve a room for us. This person will also help to get our consents to the teachers. We will deliver the consents to you, email them to you, or have online registrations.

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